miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Happy 20th Birthday, CasaDecor!

After a long trip through Doha… I’m finally back in Madrid… I can’t believe it’s summer already!

Love Holidays, even when DHL (on my blacklist already and forever) has retained all my luggage since last Thursday!!

Holidays without clothes, shoes, books and my camera are not the same at all… but still…

I’m happy to be back!

Although time difference, from Madrid to Dubai, is only two hours, I needed a whole day sleeping to recover… it’s nice to have a “baby-day” from time to time… sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep.

First morning I was actually awake I was surprised with a visit to

Love this event.

Last year’s was quite poor though; but this year it was amazing! 

The venue, Real Compañía Asturiana de Minas (Asturian Mines Royal Company), a XIX century building located @ the heart of Madrid...

As soon as you walk in, you'll be speechless

The contrast between the classicism of the building and the modernism of the designers' proposals was fantastic.

(Little houses made of mirror, grass, soft toys, etc)

(Baby room - Love this one)

(Grown up room in Silver and White. Walk-in crystal closet and the perfect mannequin)

(With this shower... I'll never be out of the house!)

The Penthouse of the Princess... frog included...by my beloved IKEA...Clau! thought of you when I saw it!

This is me when I buy something there:

And to finish... Chanel had a "Cabaret-look-like" make up stand where you could try the new Spring/Summer Collection and, of course, bring all tiny size Chanel home with you!

(My new Chanel Lipstick is named Mademoiselle...there were no better name!)

Are you into home interiors?

Any favourite designer?

If you are in Madrid, CasaDecor will last a few days more. Don't miss it!

Besos & Abrazos,

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  1. Divina!!! El sábado voy :-)
    Menos mal tu blog ya es NORMAL!!!!!
    Ganas de q vengas!! Té, charla... joooooo