sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

Do you know which Dodo are you?

Hi all! I know it´s been long time without writting! It´s because I´m still settling down in the U.A.E. but I´ll come back ;-)

Last Sunday I was invited to my very first social event in Dubai :)

It was held at Cabana...a breathtaking view's chill out terrace located on The Address Hotel.

Both The Address in partnership with Bloomingdale's launched the italian jewelry branch:


Some of you might not know this branch, but if I tell you that it´s the babysister of Pomellato, I´m sure you will ;)

They took care of every single detail and the result was absolutely perfect.

I went with my friend Maricela and we were photographed by many, many magazines...hehehe I will publish them as soon as I find them!

As you see in the pictures, sunset transform Dubai women in to the most dressed up and international girls. The changes between daylight and evening are amazing.

The collection, which can be viewed and on-line shopped in here: http://www.dodojewelry.com/, was fresh, young and charming and the presentation was really good fun. For instance, there were some laptops all around the party where you had to answer some questions about yourself and... they will tell you which Dodo are you.

Dodo is a charming collection of animals to give as a gift or to collect because a Dodo doesn´t like to be alone... This collection is based on the funny feathered fellow who used to live happily on the island of Mauritius (until extinction caught up with him) and from many, many years as become a symbol of nature that needs to be protected. Nice, don´t you think? I must say my Dodo is a cat... I´m not sure I did like the result but it was funny though ;-)

Do you find it very different to your home countries?
What do you think of the collection?

Have a nice week you all!

Besos & Abrazos,

PS qué dificil es escribir un post sólo en inglés!! :-)

Images: MSCh, The Address Dubai Mall Hotel