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Marvellous Guerlain

I am in love with this advert of the Maison Guerlain

and the making of is to fall in love with it too, don't you think?

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miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

60 years of Royal Style

As we all know, last 21st April H.M. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 85th birthday… and her Diamond Jubilee.

60 years of dedication to her reign

(each pic belongs to an important day/event of each year)

These days, London is on permanent celebration and, of course, the Commonwealth Realms like Australia (on my wish list!), New Zealand (if you don’t know anything about this country, In the land of the long white cloud is a fantastic book to get a taste of it), etc too.

If you travel to any of these places you will find a wide range of souvenirs to commemorate such an extraordinary event. Only George III and Queen Victoria celebrated theirs too.

My favourite one is the Pantone created by London-based ad agency, Leo Burnett. The Pantone Queen: Diamond Jubilee Color Guide; it not only matches 60 of her outfits with the corresponding Pantone color, but is also shaped like her.

Isn’t it super? My friend Taleb tried to get one for me from Leo Burnett Dubai but it was impossible… they only made a Limited Edition of 60 units… I still think one should have been for me ;-) I love it.

Did you know that H.M. was an icon of fashion to her Monarchy?

Designer Norman Hartnell was the first to produce many of the finest evening dresses in H.M.’s wardrobe in the 1940s and 1950s.

Followed by Hardy Amies in the 1950s and Ian Thomas in the 1970s. Ian was an assistant designer to Norman before setting up his own atelier. After Ian’s death, Maureen Rose was next to design for The Queen until the late 80’s.

Until 1996, John Anderson was H.M.’s designer and Karl Ludwig Rehse took over him after his death. The Queen wears his designs today.

The youngest of H.M.’s designers, incorporated in 2000 until now, is Stewart Parvin.

Finally, we have Angela Kelly, PA and Senior Dresser to The Queen; whose role includes designing for H.M. since 2002.

And to finish, a brief look to the life of the Monarch... from 1926 until today... hope you enjoy it!

If you want to know more about the Diamond Jubilee clic here!

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